BresciaUtensili s.r.l.
Via Passo del Moncenisio, 23
Villaggio Prealpino
25136 Brescia - Italy
Tel. +39 030 2093260
Fax +39 030 2097674

Company profile

  • Brescia Utensili
  • Brescia Utensili
  • Brescia Utensili
  • Brescia Utensili

Our young and dynamic company has been selling tools for the production of all kinds of gears for twenty years and is able to meet the requirements of both large and small companies.
We focus on qualified technical service and support and are always available to visit customers' premises to check the feasibility of certain products and the possibility to meet non-standard requirements both in Italy and abroad.

Our increasing success has made it possible to have a well equipped warehouse where we store a wide range of tools, such as hobs, gear shaper cutters, broaches, blades, plugs, etc.
We are able to guarantee high quality standards.
We have also a service department: re-profiling, sharpening and coating.